Artesian Fireplace



Artesian Fireplace Suite in White with 28” Infrared Electric Firebox

  • Powerheat™ infrared heating, warms up to 1000 sq. ft
  • Spectrafire™ Plus offers 125 selectable flame effect options
  • Dimensions: 132 cm W x 109 cm H x 38 cm D
  • White Finish
  • Top features crown molding with a step-out beveled face panel
  • Prominent base with bullnose edge molding
  • Fine furniture grade construction – solid hardwood blocks
  • Easy to assemble, under 20 minutes with just a Phillips head screwdriver

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power-heat-fireplace(1000sqft) 50 pxSpectrafire_PLUS_LOGO 50px

Instantly remodel any room by adding a wall mantel as a centerpiece. The transitional Artesian features recessed side and center panels, with a crown molding top and a substantial bullnose base. Framed by solid hardwoods and real wood veneers, the elegant Artesian will enhance the ambiance of any room.

ledEnergy Saving LED Flame Effect

The LED technology used by our fires uses only 11.2 watts of electric power and have a life span of over 75,000 hours, versus regular electric fires using incandescent light bulbs that use 120 watts and have to be replaced every 2,000 hours

ThermostatDigital Thermostat

Adjustable thermostat allows you to decide the temperature of your room. Numeric temperature readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius

temperature-icoanaPowerHeat Infrared Technology

Proven to warm up to 1000 sq. ft. Produces a safe, moist, healthy heat, and provides quick, even distribution for immediate warmth. Flame effect can be operated with or without heat


Sleep Timer

Electronic timer function: automatic timed shut off from 30 minutes up to 9 hours

Spectrafire_PLUSSpectraFire Plus customizable flame effect

Introducing the most customizable flame effect technology available! Spectrafire™ Plus offers a total of 125 selectable flame effect options to create the perfect mood and ambiance for any style

flacara-icoana5 Color Settings

Five flame effect colors include Spectrafire, Sapphire, Amethyst, Campfire, Midnight Fire, and auto cycle


5 Brightness Settings

5 adjustable brightness settings allow the user to pick the perfect brightness for their environment and ambiance

speed-icoana5 Speed Settings

Adjust the speed from a gentle flickering flame to a roaring fire with the touch of button

power-icoanaRemote control

Remote control with 2 AAA batteries included to provide added convenience

downlight-icoanaBrick Effect with Downlight

Brick effect sides with 3 downlight options: constantly on, off and a slow wave to mimic the light given off by flickering flames

soundboxSound effects

A perfect addition to your electric fireplace. An extra fire-crackler device included in the box to simulate the sound of a real wood fire

Suite Specifications
Product Code 28WM426-T401-28IIU300GRA
Net Weight 50.87 kg
Mantel Specifications
Product Code 28WM426-T401
Finish White
Dimensions 132 cm W x 109 cm H x 38 cm D
Net Weight 35.23 kg
Carton Dimensions 142.24 cm W x 38.1 cm H x 48.26 cm D
Gross Carton Weight 41.92 kg
UPC/EAN 611768061693
Firebox Specifications
Product Code 28IIU300GRA
Overall Dimensions 73.99 cm W x 58.67 cm H x  26.29 cm D
Built-in Dimensions 71.4 cm W x 57.3 cm H
Power 1700W – 2000W
Heating Capacity 1000 sqft
Heating Technology Infrared Quartz Elements
Thermostat Range 17°C – 27°C
Features Infrared Heating, Timer, Digital Display, Remote control, Brick Effect with Downlight
Flame Effect All LED, 5 color settings, 5 speed settings, 5 brightness settings
Net Weight 15.64 kg
Carton Dimensions 81.71 cm W x 69.01 cm H x 34.90 cm D
Gross Carton Weight 17.39 kg
UPC/EAN 611768097647
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