Yes, your remote will power the heat function on and off. You can also turn the heat function on manually from the control panel.

InfraRed Quartz Heaters are safe and energy efficient heaters that evenly distributes warmth in any room. Room air intake passes through the high efficiency lifetime filter that removes dust and dirt before entering the heater. A high velocity, whisper quiet fan, circulates air through the heater at 2 meters per second. The air then enters the Heat Chamber where it passes over 2 bent sheets of copper that are heated by PowerHeat infra quartz heater elements. Heat from the copper combines with the humidity in the room to provide soft, moist, heat.

Typically, ClassicFlame heaters will heat a 1000 sqft area depending on the specifications of your unit. Coverage will vary based upon outside temperatures and insulation quality. For maximum efficiency the heater should be used in an enclosed area in your home, office or work area.

 No, our fireplaces are all electric. You just plug the into a standard electric outlet and you are ready to go.

Yes, you can put them against any wall, in any room, and on any surface.

 Yes, the fireplace once assembled, is sturdy and safe to move.

Yes, electric is on average much cheaper than other methods used to heat your home. Depending on the electric rates in your area it costs around £0.02-£0.04 per hour to run without heat and £0.07-£0.09 with heat. Electricity rates vary depending on location. Electric fireplaces are a terrific option for zone heating

Portable heaters are not intended to replace your primary heating source. They are most efficient when you lower your whole-house thermostat and use the heater to warm the room you are in. Twin Star heaters are for supplemental use only.

The thermostat function on your heater allows you to set a desired room temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, the heater will automatically cycle off and on to maintain the set temperature. Please see user manual for more information.

Push and hold the power button on the control panel for 4 seconds.

It will typically arrive in two boxes. One will contain the mantel and the other will contain the electric firebox.electric

No, our fireplace do not emit any fumes, CO2, smoke, emissions, or pollutants.

 No, the glass front always remains cool and is perfectly safe.

 No, our fireplaces are all vent free, therefore there is no need for any chimney, venting, or gas lines. There is no open flame, no mess or clean up.

 Most of our electric fireplace’s come with a remote. The remote will allow you to turn the fireplace on or off. You can also use the control panel power button located on the front face of the stove.

The only maintenance required would be to regularly clean the product with a cleaning cloth.

 Your electric fireplace stove is made out of metal and your stove legs consist of Heavy-Duty plastic.



The most realistic flame ever



The ClassicFlame inserts use LED technology to create the most realistic, beautiful and vibrant fire effect. The LEDs used to produce the flame effect significantly reduces operating costs. The life of the LEDs is up to 75,000 working hours or nearly six years, much more than the ordinary light bulbs used by other manufacturers. Moreover, the LEDs use 10 times less energy than traditional light bulbs and because the LEDs are much more reliable, you don’t have to change them sooner than 5-6 years which mean much lower costs.

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