LED 3D Technology

The most realistic flame ever

The ClassicFlame inserts use LED technology to create the most realistic, beautiful and vibrant fire effect. The LEDs used to produce the flame effect significantly reduces operating costs. The life of the LEDs is up to 75,000 working hours or nearly six years, much more than the ordinary light bulbs used by other manufacturers.
Moreover, the LEDs use 10 timesspectrafire_plus_en less energy than traditional light bulbs and because the LEDs are much more reliable, you don’t have to change them sooner than 5-6 years which mean much lower costs.

flacara-icoana125 flame effect cobinations – SpectraFire 3D

Introducing the most customizable flame effect technology available!
Allowing complete command over a multitude of options, the EFU31 Series offers an unsurpassed experience.
New SpectraFire Plus offers an astounding 125 user selectable flame effect options to create he perfect mood and ambiance for any style.

brightness-icoanaSpectraFire Brightness

5 adjustable brightness settings allow the user to pick the perfect brightness for their environment and ambiance.

speed-icoanaSpectraFire Speed

Adjust the flicker speed of the flame effect from 1-5.


Spectrafire Flame Effect

Spectrafire Flame Effect

Offers a selection of 5 unique, fully customizable flame effect options (see images):

1. Classic SpectraFire flame effect
2. Amber with blue accents125_en
3. Amber with red and blue accents
4. Amber only
5. Blue only
6. Auto cycle (rotates through
flame effects)