Quality guarantee

This is why we are the best

Quality Assurance. Every part inside of our insert is identified and tracked throughout the entire chain of handling – from the factory to the consumers home. Below you can see the entire quality control process taking place in our factory:

Phase 1 – Component testing
blower-lifeBlower life test

Continuously runs under rated voltage to see how long the blower can rotate without any problem, minimum requirement is 3500 hours.

motor-lifeMotor life test

Tests the life time of the spindle motor with a normal working load.

remote-life-testingRemote life test

Press and release button 10,000 times to test the durability of the remote pad.


motor-onoffMotor on/off test

Power on 10 seconds, power off 10 seconds, do 1500 cycles to test the start and stop performance of the motors.

blower-onoffBlower on/off test

Power on for 10 minutes, then stop 1 minute. Do 500 cycles to test the start and stop performance of blowers.

switch-onoffSwitch on/off test

Tests the life time of switches with full work load (1500 watts). At least 10,000 times.


temp-limiterTemperature limiter

Tests the heater’s thermal cut off accuracy – on/off test.

blast-ovenTemperature Testing

Used to test the temperature characteristic of electrical components and mechanical parts.

temp-humidityConstant temperature

Constant temperature and humidity chamber test. Tests the performance of blower, cable and motor at the extreme temperature condition, -10C to +80C.


salt-spraySalt spray test

Tests the anti-corrosion performance of all heaters, electrical components, wire terminals, coating on metal parts, etc.

carton-burstCarton burst strength

Tests the burst strength of the cardboard of the carton’s box.


Phase 2 – In process testing
inner-inspectionInner Inspection

Visual inspection in interior, during and after assembly.

electrical-performanceElectrical Performance Testing

Checks the power consumption of inserts, grounding currency leakage, etc.

appearence-inspectionAppearance inspection

Checks the cosmetic quality and flame quality.

function-testingFunction Testing

Tests all functions if they work properly.

product-lifeProduct Life Testing

We randomly select samples for each model and run them to make sure they meet our requirement of at least 3500 hours of continuous operation without failing.

certificatesCE, UL & CSA Certification

CSA certifications for U.S. and Canadian Markets and CE for Europe. Tested to meet or exceed all UL 2021 standards. CE, CSA Certification & UL Standards


Phase 3 – QA Inspection for Finished Product
dielectricDielectric Strength & Grounding Resistance

Appliance safety test, includes grounding, insulation resistance, etc.

input-powerInput Power

Tests the power consumption of the insert.

noiseNoise Chamber

Tests the noise level of the whole insert under normal working conditions.

product-remoteInterior Parts Inspection

All interior parts are checked for proper assembly.

twin-star-inspectingAir Flow

Tests the air flow at the outlet port of insert.

twin-star-inspecting-2Quality Control Inspecting

Randomly choose sample product by AQL method, and open the box to check everything on the product.

Phase 4 – Final product with high quality standards